A single tool for web publishing, e-commerce

Webcore Dynamo makes building and developing your company’s website, updating web pages, doing e-commerce and sending electronic newsletters an easy task. With the same set of tools you can just as easily handle campaigns and interact with social media, allowing new customers to find their way to your website regardless if it’s via computer, iPhone or iPad.

Create and maintain a website with ease.

With Webcore Dynamo, you create and maintain pages, and add text, images/movies and animations along with menu options. All updates can be made using PC or Mac. Having the manual and basic training as backup, it is easy to learn to use Webcore Dynamo.*

Develop and run your own E-commerce.

The E-commerce module in Webcore Dynamo is a stable and safe solution integrated into the web publishing system. Your customers can pay via different services thanks to Webcore partners.

  • Invoices you send yourself.
  • KLARNA invoices.
  • DIBS Credit Card Service VISA and Mastercard.

Having DIBS and Klarna as partners guarantees that safety in business is secured, making your customers feel at ease doing business with you. All that is needed to start doing e-commerce is ready from the start. Webcore provides assistance and the proper agreements with the partners.

Many ways to communicate.

Webcore Dynamo supports many ways of communicating with your target groups. Among the different tools you find are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Newsletter, Forms, Tip Page, Create pdf for printer friendly pages, and visitor commentaries.


Our system supports multiple languages for presentation on the web sites. Feel free to work with any language for instance chinese, russian and more.

About us.

Webcore is a Swedish innovator of digital communication solutions, developed in close cooperation with its users in Scandinavia.  The services and products from Webcore makes it easy to create, maintain and develop customer communication on websites, e-commerce and social media. No matter whether you use a computer, iPhone or iPad. Webcore also offers app development, design and support services. Want to know more?
Please contact us at:hello@webcore.se



Webcore Swedish AB is an official partner to payment solutions companies: